About us

Who We Are

ROYAL Spectrum was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2013 and has emerged as one of the fastest growing Facilities Management companies providing quality services to its clients. ROYAL Spectrum has offered its services in buildings, retail outlets, commercial, industrial and residential located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman and Sharjah with its main offices located in Dubai.


ROYAL Spectrum’s objective is to build a local brand that would be acknowledged as a market leader offering service quality and best business practice in the professional facility management solutions.


We are committed to keep your facilities healthy, modern and reliable and guarantee a continuous upgrade of your facilities with the latest technology and standards, and provide a cost effective and a high level of quality service to our clients.



Peace of Mind

This means fewer system failures and longer life for your equipment as well as with the property. We carry Predictive maintenance from time to time.

Comfort & Reliability

In summary, is committed to keep your facilities healthy and more reliable, thus ensuring you a continuous upgrade with latest technology and standards. Effective preventive maintenance of your facilities and systems will translate into improved, comfortable working and living environment.

Services We Provide

ROYAL Spectrum provides operational services in all aspects of building maintenance and support services. It ensures proper operations of all its physical assets, in addition to establishing a regular monitoring system.

Quality Control

ROYAL Spectrum has chosen the best resources in the industry to support its mission. We are qualified and experienced with the main purpose of providing quality services and setting new service levels.

ROYAL Spectrum Capabilities

ROYAL Spectrum monitors the implantation process of quality criteria through various audits and is determined to comply with the quality policies and procedures all throughout the process. This is being done through the various work regulations and continuous updates of our documentations to meet evolving standards.


ROYAL Spectrum strives always for the better.

ROYAL Spectrum’s Safety Concern

Safety Comes First

The most important thing to remember is the safety concern for each and every staff. In ROYAL Spectrum, we understand that the combination of the safety trained and efficient workers with the right tools and equipment and proper supervision to the right level in a safe working environment will define a high level or productivity and reduce operational cost.

Think Innovation

Research is always being undertaken from time to time in some ways, thus enabling us to see some changes the way people work. We continuously look for improvement. Compliance in each and every process is mandatory, but it is not regarded as the total solution in every step to make you succeed.


Pre-planning for each job needs to be done, because of unexpected changes and re-work issues are bound to happen. We ensure that Supervisors fully understand the important role they play in pre-planning, so as to minimize any risk related job and accident prevention.

Motion Is Money

It is recommended to set-up work areas that minimize the amount of movement required by each worker. Remember that every bend or step can cause accident at any point of time. This will not only reduces risk and decreases fatigue but also increases productivity.

Health & Safety Policies

ROYAL Spectrum staff and workers are required to undertake the following with precautions and safety:

  • Adhere to the Company’s safe work practices, objectives and instructions.
  • Immediately report any unsafe work related issues/practices/equipment/conditions to their respective Supervisors.
  • Ensure all incidents are fully investigated and action.

ROYAL Spectrum is committed to the health and safety of staff and everyone who visits our work sites by complying with the following:

  • Establishes and develops education systems and training on safety and precautions.
  • Facilitates an effective system of rehabilitation and return to work for injured workers.
  • Ensures that consistent safety practices across all work related sites are being observed.
Royal Spectrum Staff

ROYAL Spectrum has a total of around 95 staff members including experienced engineers, skilled technicians, and cleaners. Qualified supervisors and subordinates support our operational and engineering teams to ensure a guaranteed solution for any job.


The integrated approach to all FM services by the ROYAL Spectrum benchmarks the teamwork, dedication, hard work and motivation in all of operation. We promote teamwork amongst the staff members, and the willingness to take responsibilities.


At ROYAL Spectrum, we ensure top building services and quality management while maintaining company and clients’ satisfaction.